Episode 91 with Joe Brooks [Mental Health, a Podiatrists Story]

In this episode we were totally honoured to be joined by Joe Brooks (Podiatrist, Director of APodA Australia and Beyond Blue speaker) from his home in Tasmania and listen to his personal account of how he has suffered with anxiety and depression. He discussed some of the signs that may suggest getting help would be sensible, how important it is to have that difficult first conversation, and some of his own experiences and coping mechanisms than continue to this day. An inspirational man.

Audio Podcast of Episode 91:

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Episode 90 with Ebonie Vincent & Brad Schaeffer [My Feet are Killing Me]

In this episode we were joined by Dr Brad from the East coast and Dr Ebonie from the West coast about the hit TLC show My Feet Are Killing Me. We chatted about how they came to be on the show, the process a patient who is being seen on TV goes through, and some of our favourite real time Twitter comments whilst the show is airing. Follow Ebonie and Brad over on Instagram, and check out the show on TLC, Discovery+ and Really (UK). There were a number of technical difficulties in this brief episode but it was loads of fun talking to them.

Audio Podcast of Episode 90:

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