Episode 11: James Dunne [Gait Retraining]

In this episode, we talk about gait retraining in runners with James Dunne. James is a very well respected running coach and the owner of the Kinetic Revolution website and joined us to talk about why and when we might change someone’s running technique, and how we may go about doing it. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that an individual approach is key, and there are no blanket approaches. He also talks about the bidirectional relationship between running coach and Podiatrists.

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About James Dunne:
James is a runner, sports rehabilitation therapist and coach from Norwich in the UK. He has a degree in sports rehabilitation. His aim is to help as many runners as possible run stronger, run injury free, and discover what they are truly capable of. James Dunne started Kinetic Revolution back in 2010 as a means of sharing what he learnt on his journey as an ex-pro rugby player working in the sports injury world, and becoming a marathon runner.

For more on this topic, see the Podiatry Arena threads on gait retraining.

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Episode 11: James Dunne [Gait Retraining]
Episode 11: James Dunne [Gait Retraining]

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