Episode 16: Izzy Moore [Running Economy]

In this episode, we welcomed Dr Izzy Moore from Cardiff Metropolitan University and discussed how the body self-optimises running, whether we should change the way we run for performance gains, and what effects on performance may be if we are changing running technique in the context of injury. We also talked about running footwear in the context of economy/performance, and even *cough* barefoot running *cough*.

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About Dr Izzy Moore, PhD:
Izzy Moore is a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Medicine, specialising in lower limb biomechanics at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Dr Moore is interested in how and why we move the way we do. This means understanding how movement relates to injury risk and performance, the two main drivers behind movement patterns. Her research currently focuses on running gait retraining and she also works on several injury epidemiology projects, advising National Governing Bodies on injury prevention and management strategies.

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PodChatLive Episode 16: Izzy Moore [Running Economy]
PodChatLive Episode 16: Izzy Moore [Running Economy]

Episode 16 of PodChatLive with Izzy Moore on Running Economy