Episode 26: Howard Dananberg [Sagittal Plane Theory]

In this episode, Howard Dananberg tells us how he first starting thinking about sagittal plane mechanics in the context of ‘functional hallux limitus’ and how this influenced his practice over the last three decades.

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About Howard Dananberg, DPM:
Howard Dananberg DPM is a podiatrist who previously practiced in Manchester, New Hampshire. He was named one of the most influential podiatrists in the USA by Podiatry Management magazine. Howard has published widely on foot and lower limb biomechanics. He is known worldwide for his well researched understanding of the connection between gait style and chronic lower back pain. He has also pioneered solutions for limited range of motion in the big toe joint (functional hallux limitus) which forms the based of the Sagittal Plane Facilitation Theory.

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Episode 26: Howard Dananberg [Sagittal Plane Facilitation Theory]
Episode 26: Howard Dananberg [Sagittal Plane Facilitation Theory]

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