Episode 62 with Ivan Bristow [Podiatric Dermatology]

In this episode we chat with Dr Ivan Bristow. Ivan is one of the leading Podiatric Dermatologists and we were delighted to talk to him about Dermatoscopes, Woods lights, the 5-minute fungus test, the best emollients and anti-fungals for the feet and of course take little trips down memory lane to when Ivan taught Ian at University around 18 years ago.

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About Ivan Bristow:
Dr Ivan Bristow, PhD is a podiatrist in the United Kingdom. For most of his career he has developed an interest in dermatological conditions affecting the feet.
During his career, he initially spent 11 years working full time within the National Health Service as a podiatrist. It was whilst working in Oxford, a chance meeting with a Dermatologist, allowed Ivan to establish the UK’s first dedicated foot clinic in a dermatology department – which he ran for ten years. After leaving the health service, he embarked on an academic career focused on teaching and research. During this time he completed his Masters Degree at the University of Oxford and his PhD at the University of Southampton. Ivan holds private clinics in Hampshire whilst continuing to work on various dermatology related projects in education and research. He has over 100 published papers on the subject of foot dermatology, including four books.

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Episode 62 with Ivan Bristow [Podiatric Dermatology]
Episode 62 with Ivan Bristow [Podiatric Dermatology]

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