Episode 77 with Richard Blake [Inverted Orthotic Technique]

In this episode we were joined by Richard Blake from his home in San Francisco for a trip down memory lane back to 1981 and the genesis of his inverted orthotic technique. He talks us through the responses he got from Drs Root & Weed when he began inverting devices by 25 degrees or more, the response he got from JAPMA when he submitted his first paper on it, and how by 1983 Dr Root was one of his biggest supporters. Rich stated the most he has ever inverted a device was 70 (seventy) degrees, and also how one of his fresh faced young students by the name of Kevin Kirby was part of the group that helped him at the time.

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Episode 77 with Richard Blake [Inverted Orthotic Technique]
Episode 77 with Richard Blake [Inverted Orthotic Technique]

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