Episode 80 with Joseph Frenkel [Chilblains]

In this episode we were joined by the Podiatrist, Joseph Frenkel. Joseph has 15 years clinical experience, a professional diploma in Dermatology and a Masters degree in Wound Healing & Tissue Repair. In this episode he was kind enough to walk us through everything we need to know about Chilblains, including the pathophysiology, the clinical manifestations, management and (as always) the importance of a history taking, with an emphasis on the key things which may raise the index of suspicion of the lesion in front of you being a Chilblain.

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About Joseph Frenkel:
Joseph Frenkel is a podiatrist in Melbourne, Australia having completed both a Bachelor of Podiatry and a Master of Science with a specialty in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair. Joseph has also completed a Professional Diploma of General Dermatology. Joseph has over 15 years clinical experience in all areas of Podiatry and has worked extensively across private practices, aged care facilities and hospitals. His most recent role is Consultant Podiatrist at the Skin Health Institute where he works with a team of Dermatologists to manage complex nail problems. In addition to his clinical work, Joseph Frenklel holds academic positions at several Universities where he provides clinical supervision and part-time lecturing. He also has regular speaking engagements at seminars, workshops and conferences and mentors Podiatry graduates.

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Subsequent Episode:
We did a follow-up episode with Nadia Dembsky on chilblains in COVID-19: COVID toes

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Episode 80 with Joseph Frenkel [Chilblains]
Episode 80 with Joseph Frenkel [Chilblains]

PodChatLive Episode 80 with Joseph Frenkel on Chilblains