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Ian and Craig – I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate what you are doing with Podchat Live. I can’t always tune in on time on Thursdays because of late clinics but I ALWAYS watch them afterwards if I miss the live version. I realise you guys get no money for doing this and I wanted you to know that what you are doing makes a real difference in our profession. Your podchats have DIRECTLY influenced and changed the way I practice. For example – I now have diagnostic ultrasound in the practice (Wildman session); I use dermoscopy and did the course suggested by Belinda (directly from her session); I have changed the way I conduct a consultation (Mike Stewart/ Cylie Williams/ Nina Davies/ Jarod Hall) I use foot pressure assessment and gait analysis and those sessions helped focus how I approach those aspects; Seth O’neill I tend to follow anyway but I thought that session was so important and relevant; just did Ian Reilly‘s Injection therapy course as a direct result of his session (will def use local more for diagnostics now) – doing Ben Cormack‘s course soon as that will help with rehab in my practice which doesn’t have access to a gym; Also I will be in touch with Dave and B at the conference to have a chat about Forgotten Feet;
anyway I just thought I would share this as you need to know what a difference you are making to podiatrists –
hopefully I will bump into you both at some stage and maybe buy you guys a beer;

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