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Episode 92 with Doug Richie [The Richie Brace]

Episode 91 with Joe Brooks [Mental Health, a Podiatrists Story]

Episode 90 with Ebonie Vincent & Brad Schaeffer [My Feet are Killing Me]

Episode 89 with Peter Malliaras [Talking Tendons]

Episode 88 with the Doctors of Running [Best Running Shoes of 2020]

Episode 87 with Farrah Jawad [Vitamin D]

Episode 86 with Christian Barton [Knee Pain in Runners]

Episode 85 with Ian Reilly and David Gordon [Bunions]

Episode 84 with Bronnie Lennox Thompson [Why Do Patients Seek Care?]

Episode 83 with Anna Boniface [Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport]

Episode 82 with Franco Impellizzeri [Problems with the Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio]

Episode 81 with Nadia Dembsky [Chilblains and COVID-19 (‘COVID toes’)]

Episode 80 with Joseph Frenkel [Chilblains]

Episode 79 with Matt Klein [Running Shoe Appraisal]

Episode 78 with Paul Ingraham [Stretching]

Episode 77 with Richard Blake [Inverted Orthotic Technique]

Episode 76 on Paediatric Case Studies

Episode 75 with Thomas Do Canto [Running Injury (History Taking)]

Episode 74 with Keith Rome [Gout]

Episode 73 with the Foot in Diabetes (UK) [COVID-19 Amputation Prevention Pathway]

Episode 72 with Kate Atkin [Presentation Skills and Public Speaking]

Episode 71 on COVID-19 Professional Body Responses

Episode 70 with Sharon Rees [Pharmacology]

Episode 69 with Mike James [Online Consultations]

Episode 68 with Talysha Reeve [Exercise Rehab]

Episode 67 on the Supination Resistance Test

Episode 66 with Michael Nitschke on ‘To Infinity & Beyond (Injury?)’

Episode 65 with Jayishni Maharaj [Tibialis Posterior]

Episode 64 with Matthew Cotchett [Plantar Heel Pain]

Episode 63 with Alex Hutchinson [The Nike Shoe Controversy]

Episode 62 with Ivan Bristow [Podiatric Dermatology]

Episode 61 with Nina Lansdowne [Content Marketing]

Episode 60 with Cynthia Formosa & Alfred Gatt [Podiatry in Malta & The Diabetic Foot]

Episode 59 with Dave Cashley [Manual Therapy]

Episode 58 on Motivational Interviewing

Episode 57: Luke Kelly [Intrinsic Muscles]

Episode 56: Tim Gabbett [Load Management]

Episode 55: Sarah Carter and Catherine Crabb [Ballet]

Episode 54: Rod Whiteley [Research Methods for the Clinician]

Episode 53: Chris Napier [Running Shoes]

Episode 52: Helen Banwell [Paediatric Flatfoot]

Episode 51 on Patellofemoral Pain

Episode 50 [The 50th Celebration Episode]

Episode 49: Peter Guy [Foot Orthotic Modifications]

Episode 48: Debbie Turner [Rheumatology]

Episode 47: Stacey Meardon [Injury Risk Factors]

Episode 46: Steven Subotnick [Podiatric Sports Medicine]

Episode 45: The Physiotherapy Episode

Episode 44: Annette Davis [Footwear and Falls]

Episode 43 on Podiatry and Golf

Episode 42 on Podiatry Video Marketing

Episode 41: Ben Cormack [Exercise Rehab & Movement]

Episode 40: Rich Willy [Running Biomechanics and Tissue Capacity]

Episode 39: Dylan Morrissey [Shockwave Therapy]

Episode 38: Nina Davies [Paediatric Gait]

Episode 37: David Armstrong [The Diabetic Foot]

Episode 36: Jarod Hall [Communication & History Taking]

Episode 35: Ryan McCallum [X-ray Interpretation]

Episode 34 with Forgotten Feet

Episode 33: Jonathon Heath [Podiatry Hive]

Episode 32: Mandy Abbott [Podiatry at Sporting Events]

Episode 31 on Podiatry in Football [Soccer]

Episode 30: Seth O’Neill [Achilles Tendinopathy]

Episode 29 with Podiatrists from the AFL

Episode 28: Alicia James [Calcaneal Apophysitis (Severs Disease)]

Episode 27: Simon Spooner [Foot Orthotic Dosing]

Episode 26: Howard Dananberg [Sagittal Plane Theory]

Episode 25: Stuart Wildman [Diagnostic Ultrasound]

Episode 24: Professional Associations

Episode 23: Jill Halstead [Osteoarthritis]

Episode 22: Robert Issacs [Bad Science]

Episode 21: Adam Meakins [Manual Therapy]

Episode 20: Craig and Ian [i-Fab Conference]

Episode 19: Bruce Williams [Plantar Pressures]

Episode 18: Nathan White and Robert Brown [Cycling]

Episode 17: Wesley Vernon and Jeremy Walker [Forensic Podiatry]

Episode 16: Izzy Moore [Running Economy]

Episode 15: Greg Dower [Business Tips; Cricket; and Elvis]

Episode 14: Peta Tehan and Martin Fox [Vascular]

Episode 13: Jill Woods [Social Media]

Episode 12: Martin McGeough and Artur Maliszewski [Foot Orthotic Labs]

Episode 11: James Dunne [Gait Retraining]

Episode 10: Ian Linane and Ted Jedynak [Manual Therapy]

Episode 9: Ian Reilly [Injection Therapy]

Episode 8: Mike Stewart [Pain Science]

Episode 7: Belinda Longhurst [Podiatric Dermatology]

Episode 6: Kevin Kirby [Podiatric Biomechanics]

Episode 5: Emma Cowley [Academia]

Episode 4: Cylie Williams [Paediatrics]

Episode 3: Chris Bishop [3D Gait Analysis]

Episode 2: Ian & Craig [Will this work?]

The Very First Episode