For your viewing and listening pleasure, we have created some playlists at YouTube of selected categories or groups of videos:

All the videos in one big playlist for binge watchers!

Pain Science with Mike Stewart and Jarod Hall and on Motivational Interviewing

Diagnostic Imaging with Stuart Wildman and Ryan McCallum

Foot Orthotics with Simon Spooner and Artur Maliszewski and Martin McGeough and Peter Guy

Sports Medicine with Mandy Abbott, James Dunne, Podiatrists from the AFL, Podiatrists in Football, Nathan White and Robert Brown, Izzy Moore, Rich Willy and on Golf and with Steven Subotnick and on patellofemoral pain, and on ballet, and on load management and Talysha Reeves (excercise rehab); and with Thomas Do Canto.

The High Risk Foot with Peta Tehan and Martin Fox and David Armstrong and with Dr’s Cynthia Formosa & Alfred Gatt and how to manage the high risk foot during the COVID-19 crisis

Manual Therapy with Adam Meakins and Ted Jedynak and Ian Linane and David Cashley

Practice Management with Jill Woods and Jonathon Heath and Greg Dower and Video Marketing and Content Marketing. Online Consults

Biomechanics with Kevin Kirby and Howard Dananberg and Simon Spooner and Chris Bishop and Bruce Williams

Running with Izzy Moore and James Dunne and Richard Willy and Stacey Meardon and with Alex Hutchinson

Paediatrics with Cylie Williams and Alicia James and Nina Davies and Helen Banwell and one on ballet and a whole lot of guests talking through some paediatric case studies.

All the video’s playlist: