Episode 71 on COVID-19 Professional Body Responses

In this episode we welcomed Steve Jamieson (CEO of the College of Podiatry, UK) and Nello Marino (CEO of the Australian Podiatry Association) to discuss the strange and unprecedented situation we have all found ourself in in recent times due to the current global pandemic. We discussed what their daily lives currently look like, how they are trying to support their members, their understanding of what their members greatest concerns are and also the support they are giving all members through this time. It is clear that individuals are responding differently due to variance in their working situations and also their own mindset and approach to such a situation; so when you combine this with an evolving understanding of what we are actually dealing with on a global scale it is unsurprising that there are no black and white answers.

Audio Podcast of Episode 71:
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Episode 24: Professional Associations

In this episode we talked about a number of issues with representatives from three professional associations:
Katrina Pratt; President – Australian Podiatry Association.
Matthew Fitzpatrick; Provost – College of Podiatry.
Ben Lamb; Chairman – Podiatry New Zealand.
We discussed the differences between the sizes of the three (yet the rather similar challenged faced) and touched on the bidirectional responsibilities (of the oranisations to the members, and the members to the organisations), the level ‘engagement’ from all parties, and where the professional bodies may see themselves in 5 years time.

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