Episode 50: The 50th Celebration Episode

To celebrate hitting 50 episodes we had a selection of numerous previous guests on to catch up and chat with. We also invited two of our most popular audience members, “Tobes” and “JW” to guest host with us and ask questions, and they were great. A longer and (much) less serious episode than usual, which was immense fun and a bit of a shambles. Enjoy.

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Part Two:

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Our guests were:
Jill Halstead from the episode on Osteoarthritis
Cylie Williams from the episode on Paediatrics
Izzy Moore from Episode 16 on Running Economy
Robert Issacs from Episode 22 on Bad Science
Chris Bishop from Episode 3 on 3D Gait Analysis
Debbie Turner from Episode 48 on Rheumatology
Dave James from the episodes on Forgotten Feet and Video Marketing for Podiatrists
Ryan McCallum from Episode 35 on X-ray Interpretation
Jonathon Heath from Episode 33 on the Podiatry Hive
Seth O’Neil from Episode 30 on the Achilles tendon
Simon Spooner from Episode 27 on Foot Orthotic Dosing
Peta Tehan from the episode on vascular assessment
Ian Linane and Ted Jedynak from episode 10 on Manual Therapy
Trevor Prior from the episode on football
Ian Reilly from the episode on injection therapy
Belinda Longhurst from the dermatology episode
Kevin kirby from the episode on Podiatric Biomechanics
Emma Cowley from Episode 5 on Academic issues

Episode 2: Ian & Craig [Will this work?]

Craig had been playing around with the Zoom software and this was our first attempt at seeing if this concept had some mileage despite the 10,000 miles and 11 hour time difference between us. We talked about supination resistance, touched on 2D Vs 3D gait analysis and were asked who our must follow accounts were on social media.

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For more about who Craig Payne and Ian Griffiths are, please see the about page. For the episode from Ian’s kitchen that started this all, see this.

The Very First Episode

This is the very first episode that started it all.

Craig Payne found himself in England for 2 days whilst on the way back home from conferences in Spain and Portugal. Whilst there he dropped in at Ian Griffith’s house and whilst chatting after dinner they realised neither of them had ever recorded a Facebook Live so decided to give it a go. Despite the “amateur” and “unrehearsed” nature of the live stream, it was met with surprisingly positive feedback so they began wondering if there was some mileage in doing it more regularly. And thus, PodChatLive was born.

In this episode, Craig reveals the research paper which changed his thinking the most, and we chat about pseudoscience, research translation, why cuboid syndrome is like pornography and his favourite airport to eat breakfast in.

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For more about who Craig and Ian are, please see the about page.