Episode 50: The 50th Celebration Episode

To celebrate hitting 50 episodes we had a selection of numerous previous guests on to catch up and chat with. We also invited two of our most popular audience members, “Tobes” and “JW” to guest host with us and ask questions, and they were great. A longer and (much) less serious episode than usual, which was immense fun and a bit of a shambles. Enjoy.

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Our guests were:
Jill Halstead from the episode on Osteoarthritis
Cylie Williams from the episode on Paediatrics
Izzy Moore from Episode 16 on Running Economy
Robert Issacs from Episode 22 on Bad Science
Chris Bishop from Episode 3 on 3D Gait Analysis
Debbie Turner from Episode 48 on Rheumatology
Dave James from the episodes on Forgotten Feet and Video Marketing for Podiatrists
Ryan McCallum from Episode 35 on X-ray Interpretation
Jonathon Heath from Episode 33 on the Podiatry Hive
Seth O’Neil from Episode 30 on the Achilles tendon
Simon Spooner from Episode 27 on Foot Orthotic Dosing
Peta Tehan from the episode on vascular assessment
Ian Linane and Ted Jedynak from episode 10 on Manual Therapy
Trevor Prior from the episode on football
Ian Reilly from the episode on injection therapy
Belinda Longhurst from the dermatology episode
Kevin kirby from the episode on Podiatric Biomechanics
Emma Cowley from Episode 5 on Academic issues

Episode 35 with Ryan McCallum [X-ray Interpretation]

In this episode Consultant Podiatric Surgeon Ryan McCallum joined us to talk all things X-Ray; How do you get started in requesting them from a legal point of view? When is requesting an X-Ray appropriate? What views are commonly requested (and why)? Non-weightbearing or weight-bearing X-Rays? What are the ABCS of X-Ray reporting?

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About Ryan McCallum:
Ryan McCallum completed his undergraduate degree in Podiatry from the University of Ulster and subsequently worked within the NHS and private practice in Northern Ireland. He then undertook his post graduate training in Glasgow and Edinburgh prior to moving to London where he commenced his surgical training at West Middlesex University Hospital. Ryan now holds a substantive post as Consultant Podiatric Surgeon at the West Middlesex University Hospital. He also holds a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon post at Homerton University Hospital and divides his NHS duties between the two hospitals. Ryan is active in the teaching and training of junior colleagues and has lectured extensively throughout the UK and Ireland at national conferences and local meetings as well as postgraduate and undergraduate university programmes. Mr McCallum is an elected member of the committee of the Directorate of Podiatric Surgery and is the current co-chair of the Directorates annual conference.

Link to Ryan McCallum’s website

Episode 25: Stuart Wildman [Diagnostic Ultrasound]

In this episode, we talked with Stuart Wildman on the use of diagnostic ultrasound. Stuart is an Extended Scope Physiotherapist, MSK Sonographer and Director of The Ultrasound Site Ltd. We talked about some of the politics and training regarding ultrasound use, the benefits and limitations of ultrasound, and the tissues/pathologies that can be visualized around the foot and ankle (with some cool images/case studies).

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About Stuart Wildman:
MSc, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, HCPC, MCSP, PG Cert/CASE accredited Musculoskeletal Sonography, PG Dip injection therapy

Stuart is the Owner and Director of The Ultrasound Site Ltd, Extended Scope Physiotherapist and MSK Sonographer. He is an Extended Scope Physiotherapist and MSK Sonographer working in the NHS in London. Stuart founded The Ultrasound Site in 2013. He has an interesting working week, dividing his time between Radiology and Physiotherapy, here he performs both diagnostic and guided interventions in both settings. Stuart Wildman qualified from the University of Southampton in 2003 with a BSc Physiotherapy, and went on to gain an MSc in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy at The University of Hertfordshire and a PG Cert in MSK Sonography at Canterbury and Christ Church University.