Episode 58 on Motivational Interviewing

In this episode we talked about “the language of behaviour change” and asked our guests why this is important for all Podiatrists. Why don’t some patients just do what we tell them (the so called ‘difficult patient’) and what approaches may be beneficial to take in such cases? Have a listen for a brief introduction to MI, and why (and how) it should be viewed as a patient centred collaborative approach rather than simply a tool to get people to do what you tell them to. Loads of great resources were mentions; see the comments below for links. Our guests were Dr Joanne Paton from Plymouth University, Jodi Binning from Glasgow Caledonian University, and Andrew Hill who is doing his PhD at The University of Bath.

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Episode 58 on Motivational Interviewing
Episode 58 on Motivational Interviewing

PodChatLive Episode 58 on Motivational Interviewing