Episode 64 with Matthew Cotchett [Plantar Heel Pain]

In this episode with are joined by Matt Cotchett who has published extensively within the field of plantar heel pain, and in this episode we tackle the topic of terminology (fasciitis Vs fasciopathy Vs PHP), the associated psychological variables, dry needling, and the best evidence based practice/approach to treating heel pain in clinic.

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About Matthew Cotchett:
Dr Matt Cotchett PhD is a Lecturer and researcher in the La Trobe Rural Health School at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. He works as a Podiatrist in private practice with an interest in the assessment and management of exercise-induced musculoskeletal disorders. Matthew has a particular interest in the management of pain beneath the heel and completed a PhD which evaluated the effectiveness of trigger point dry needling for plantar heel pain. He regularly teaches dry needling courses to podiatrists across Victoria. Matthew’s research interest is in the psychosocial aspects of musculoskeletal pain, with a particular focus on cognitive, affective and behavioural factors as drivers of pain and disability. In addition, Matthew is leading a project to improve knowledge translation and treatment of people with plantar heel pain.

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Episode 64 with Matthew Cotchett [Plantar Heel Pain]
Episode 64 with Matthew Cotchett [Plantar Heel Pain]

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