Episode 76 on Paediatric Case Studies

For this epsiode we assembled a superb panel of paediatric specialists from the UK and Australia. We were joined by Dr Cylie Williams (Associate Professor at Monash University, guest on episode 04), Dr Alicia James (who was on our hugely popular episode 28 talking about her Calcaneal Apophysitis research) and Antoni Caserta (currently completing his PhD in the field of toe walking) from Australia. From the UK we had Nina Davies (Education officer of the Childrens Podiatry Special Advisory Group who covered Paediatric Gait back in episode 38), James Welch (Vice Chair of the Childrens Podiatry Special Advisory Group who joined us as a guest presenter for episode 50) and Matthew Hill (completing his PhD in children’s footwear at the Centre for Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Technologies Staffordshire University). We briefly talked about podopaediatric services during the current global pandemic, online consultations in paediatrics and the early evidence emerging for skin manifestions of the feet associated with COVID-19. We then discussed 3 paediatric cases: A 6 year old idiopathic toe walker, and 18 month old with ‘curly toes’ and a 12 year old with asymptomatic “flat feet” who had been told they needed foot orthoses.

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Episode 76 on Paediatric Case Studies

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