Episode 69 with Mike James [Online Consultations]

In this episode we were joined by Mike James to talk about online consultations. This was a really useful episode for those who have recently starting doing (or are considering doing) online consultations. We covered some of the legal aspects, the options available technology wise, things to put in place preparation wise beforehand, and then what a consultation may look like (both subjectively and objectively). Without doubt a fundamental shift in mindset/approach is required from all parties, but a global pandemic is a pretty reasonable motivator for change.

Audio Podcast of Episode 69:

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About Mike James:
Mike James has a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and Bachelors degrees in Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Science. He is a former military Physical Training Instructor who has spent over 20 years working with novice to elite endurance athletes. He has a long career as an endurance athlete completing over 100 marathons and ultra-marathons, 14 Ironman Triathlon and many other ultra-distance events. He is Director of The Endurance Physio, providing treatment to athletes and education for clinicians working with endurance athletes.

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Episode 69 with Mike James [Online Consultations]
Episode 69 with Mike James [Online Consultations]

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