Episode 9: Ian Reilly [Injection Therapy]

In this episode we speak to Consultant Podiatric Surgeon Ian Reilly about Injection Therapy. Ian discusses the evidence base for injection therapy not being perhaps what it could be, and the discourse between this and clinical outcomes. He also is refreshingly honest about how he uses it in his clinical practice in the context of a multi-modal approach to pathology. He tells us the top 3 conditions he injects, and the most common complications he encounters. Most importantly we spoke to Ian for 45 minutes and managed to refrain him to just one or two bad jokes, which for anyone who knows him well will agree is some feat.

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About Ian Reilly:
Ian qualified as a Podiatric Surgeon in 1996 and has performed over 11,000 surgical procedures and approximately 6000 foot and ankle injections. He is a Fellow of the College of Podiatry (Surgery) and is on the Directorate of Podiatric Surgery Board of Examiners.  He is an international adviser to IFAF, and co-authored the book Foot and Ankle Injection Techniques: A Practical Guide. He has surgical privileges at several hospitals within Northamptonshire and works both privately and within the NHS. His website can be found here.

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Episode 9: Ian Reilly [Injection Therapy]
Episode 9: Ian Reilly [Injection Therapy]

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