Episode 31 on Podiatry in Football [Soccer]

In this episode, we talked about the challenges of treating footballers, ‘hacks’ for designing orthoses for football boots, the “value” of pre-season screening of the lower limb, and the science of how boots interact with differing surfaces. The most important take home here was that Trevor sounds like Glenn Hoddle.

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Huge thanks to our expert panel:
Dr Lindsay Hill, a Sports Podiatrist who has worked on a consultancy basis for a number of premier league football clubs as well as being employed by the FA as podiatrist to the England women’s football squads.

Mr David Brown, who qualified as a Podiatrist in 2015 after a 17 year career as a Professional footballer, scoring over 100 goals in almost 500 games, including a 3 year spell playing under Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

Mr Athol Thomson, a Sports Podiatrist based at Aspetar in Qatar who is currently studying for his PhD and researching football boot-playing surface interaction.

Mr Trevor Prior, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon who has vast experience within professional football, having looked after several premier league clubs and as a director of P2L, a bespoke performance football boot company.

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Episode 31 on Podiatry in Football [Soccer]
Episode 31 on Podiatry in Football [Soccer]

PodChatLive Episode 31 on Podiatry in Football (Soccer)