Episode 10: Ian Linane and Ted Jedynak [Manual Therapy]

In this episode, we talk about the difference between mobilisations and manipulations, the possible mechanisms of effect of joint manipulations (bone/joint repositioning Vs neurophysiological response), the importance of the language used in front of our patients in the context of mobilisations and a bit more.

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About Ted Jedynak:
Ted Jedynak has specialised exclusively in Manual Therapies for the lower limb since 1996. Ted and his wife created 3 Manual Therapies (MT) specialist clinics (2002 – 2012). Ted retired from clinical practice in 2012. He has been a mentor and trainer of health practitioners globally in Manual Therapies since 1996, and due to high demand, is now focusing on delivering online training via www.footmobilisation.com. Ted was a visiting Fellow and Clinical Consultant at Queensland University of Technology MSK Clinic (2012-13) plus Developer and Facilitator of the Manual Therapies Special Interest Group (Aust. Podiatry Association SA 2014-15).

About Ian Linane:
Ian Linane is a private practice podiatrist of over 20 years experience working in both his own and in multidisciplinary clinics. He is also the founder of Infigo Healthcare Education that runs a number of manual therapy courses. One of Ian’s goals with Infigo has been the provision of high quality, varied, hands-on rehabilitation training opportunities for podiatrists. To enable this Ian wrote three core manuals in manual therapy for podiatrists, gaining his professional body’s approval for them to be granted extended scope practice courses.

For more discussion and commentary, see the manipulation threads on Podiatry Arena.

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Episode 10: Ian Linane and Ted Jedynak [Manual Therapy]
Episode 10: Ian Linane and Ted Jedynak [Manual Therapy]

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