Episode 30 with Seth O’Neill [Achilles Tendinopathy]

In this episode we talked with Seth O’Neil about whether this is an inflammatory condition or a degenerative condition (or both), how Seth assesses posterior ankle pain in clinic, his thoughts on imaging appropriateness and timing, why isometrics may not be the silver bullet for pain relief and how advice and education should probably out rank injection and shockwave therapy.

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About Seth O’Neill
Seth O’Neill is the principal physiotherapist at the Keyworth Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic which was established in 2007. He qualified from Leeds Univeristy in 2000 and then worked in the National Health Service for 6 years where he developed his specialist musculoskeletal skills. Seth then went on to complete a masters degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Seth has also completed a PhD in to Achilles tendon disorders. His particular area of treatment speciality is musculoskeletal disorders and injuries which he lectures on at Leicester and Coventry Universities.

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Episode 30 with Seth O'Neill [Achilles Tendinopathy]
Episode 30 with Seth O'Neill [Achilles Tendinopathy]

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