Episode 75 with Thomas Do Canto [Running Injury (History Taking)]

In this episode we were joined by Sports Podiatrist (and 2:14 marathoner) Thomas Do Canto to talk through his approach to taking a thorough history from an injured runner. Given the current global climate it is reasonable to assume there may be an increase in running injury rates: The Running “Coverload” Injury Phenomena – Griffiths (2020). Combine this with more remote/online consultations (where we may have to prioritise the subjective over the objective) and it should become clear why taking a good history from a runner is so important. Thomas talked us through his 4 page form which he sends to all runners for them to fill out before the consultation; and the rationale behind many of the questions on there and how they may really help him formulate a provisional diagnosis and management plan before he has even met the patient.

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About Thomas Do Canto:
Thomas Do Canto is a Sydney based runner and sports podiatrist. Thomas specialises in lower limb injury management.

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Episode 75 with Thomas Do Canto [Running Injury (History Taking)]
Episode 75 with Thomas Do Canto [Running Injury (History Taking)]

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  1. Great stuff, thanks all! Im having trouble finding the show notes to this episode (and others) and was hoping to have a look at a copy of the intake form and the Kirby article referenced.

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